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Wallace Monument Climb, Stirling

Outside Clatterbridge Hospital



His fund raising ‘missions’ as a ‘Wheelchair Pilot’

Since the traumatic loss of both his police career and his right leg due to an act of violence in the line of duty, which has left him confined to a wheelchair, Swasie then suffered the inconsolable loss of his beloved wife and childhood sweetheart Marjorie to the scourge of Cancer.

Totally devastated by the death of his beloved wife and lifelong sweetheart, Swasie then decided to raise money to fight this indiscriminate killer amongst us. He became a relentless, dedicated and totally obsessive crusader for this cause. Right from the start, against medical advice, he performed unbelievable feats of strength and stamina with his caster’d, standard issue NHS Lomax wheelchair.

A Welcome Message from Swasie

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. As you will see, my fundraising endeavours have taken my standard, NHS Lomax wheelchair and I all over the world and I deem it an honour and a privilege to have assisted many worthy causes during my travels. I am a totally dedicated and obsessive fundraising ‘crusader’, especially in my relentless fight to eradicate the indiscriminate and ruthless killer amongst us, Cancer.

I am also extremely keen to assist the bettering of facilities for the disabled fraternity, hence my association with Level Access Lifts (who have kindly provided this website). They are experts in providing lifts for the less able and have helped thousands of people gain access to schools, colleges, places of worship, offices, shops and tourist attractions etc. I strongly urge you to click on their logo at the top of the page and view their website for yourself.

Why not come along and support my chosen charities in the future? If you are unable to participate in the event itself, I am always glad of a wave and a kind word of encouragement en route. To find out what I am doing next or if you would like to make a donation, please click on the ‘Future Fundraising’ icon at the top of this page.

Lastly and most importantly, I thank profusely, all those who support my ongoing efforts by their generous benevolence. Without your kind assistance, I could not maintain the success I am blessed with constantly achieving.

Swasie Turner MBE

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